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As successful business owners, regardless of sector, we should all appreciate the fundamental importance of the 3 key areas of professional support that you must have access to, namely, a top-quality Accountant, Lawyer and Bank Manager. These support roles for businesses within the SME sector are all too often unavailable, expensive or lacking in substance and quality.

At White Label Resources Ltd we have experienced and successful business leaders who certainly know how to get the best out of your partnerships with these professional advisors. Our team have substantial experience and knowledge of developing and guiding businesses from start up through all of the business phases including growth to flotation or sale, we have built a model that allows our client base to benefit from our successes and learn from our mistakes.

We understand how to demystify the “Dark Arts” of the professional services, ensuring that the support you get is what you need and what you pay for. By ensuring that you make the right choices in selecting your professional partners, you can be confident of receiving the very best of advice and support to take you on the journey and ultimately achieve the success you are aiming for. We take care of the “business end” in your back office, ensuring that you can focus on the strengths that you possess and that have already brought you to where you are now.

About Us

Founded in 2014 by serial Entrepreneur Martin Collins, White Label Resources Ltd (WLR) continues to deliver support and resources to the Boardrooms and Management Teams within the SME sector. It has long been advocated and understood that the three most vital areas of support to Managing Directors & business owners are in the fields of the Accountant, the Lawyer and the ever-decreasing influences and availability of the ‘traditional’ Bank Manager.

Having started, grown and sold several businesses, including MBO’s, trade sales and most recently selling his ‘flagship’ business to a FTSE 250 bank, Martin, and numerous other business owners, have seen the significance and importance of getting these three appointments RIGHT.

It is of paramount importance to appoint the right people/firms, and build strong relationships based on trust, transparency and competency. High quality advice and support is crucial to the successful growth and sustainability of your business. WLR has built a panel of trusted, experienced business professionals and companies to support you and your business.

In addition to the experience that we have within the SME sector we are also able to offer other services to help support your business. Financial control, management and analysis coupled with advice on growth and commercial strategies are all available to our clients. Remember this comes from business people that have successfully ‘walked in your shoes!’.

Our Services


All too often we hear clients bemoaning the fact that they, as SME directors and business owners, are sometimes “put off” discussing too much with their accountants as they appear to be practicing the “Dark Arts” and are therefore making their work seem almost ‘mystical’! Well, quite simply this is NOT the case. They work for you, not the other way around!…

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You may have a view that you only need a lawyer if something goes wrong? Well, by then it’s too late! Strong and reputable legal support is vital to ensure directors and business owners make informed, structured decisions, and have the resource and template in the business from the start which then develops as they grow…

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Finance and WLR the Bank Manager

In the ‘good old days’ you could phone your bank manager at any time and, not only would they know who you were and what your business was, but they would also have the autonomy to make decisions and offer support. Many people now suggest that not only is their Bank Manager “no longer there”, but neither are many of the facilities once available from your bank, and if they are today…. will they be there tomorrow?…

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All of the above professional advisory elements are crucial in terms of ensuring that your business succeeds. They are all intrinsically linked to your ‘back office’, the very heart beat of every successful business. Whether it be credit control, debt collection, robust supplier contracts, your sale and purchase ledgers, having robust systems and procedures in place WILL ensure that you can concentrate on what you’re good at and we’ll take care of the rest.

As a result of managing your back office (and talking with you and your team) we get a really good insight in to your business. Where the opportunities lie and where the challenges present themselves. As business people, with successful and more importantly demonstrable track records, this allows us to have conversations of substance with the business owners to guide and support the strategic direction of the business.

Our People

Executive Team

Martin Collins image

Martin Collins

Managing Director
07966 444171

During my career I’ve had successes working in the PLC world and the SME sector as an owner manager; I’ve enjoyed the cut and thrust of the challenges at the coal face and I’ve sat in negotiations around boardroom tables in the City, and I know my passion lies with the SME sector.

I am really enjoying supporting and growing my own businesses which succeed by working with successful clients albeit sometimes our client doesn’t yet realise how successful they are. I get the importance of well structured and organised businesses but I really get the importance of ensuring the drive and passion of the business owner isn’t held back. My experience makes sure businesses play to the strengths of the team and then allow us support the rest. The quality of your advisors and support mechanisms will always make the difference, the key is knowing how good they are.

David Jones image

David Jones

Business Development Director
07774 112329

As a Director of a small medium sized enterprise and having worked in the sector for over 25 years, I think that I’m well placed to understand the challenges that business owners face.

I’ve experienced a lot of highs & a few lows.

I’ve built, floated and sold a financial services company, but equally I’ve faced the normal challenges that all SME’s experience.

I’ve made some good decisions, and some bad ones, but believe that I’ve learnt from the bad ones.

The White Label Resources proposition is therefore something that is very close to my heart.

Emma Robison image

Emma Robison

Head of Finance
07866 672791

As a Graduate in Economics, I worked within the financial industry in London for several years, developing a strong understanding of the Commercial Finance field. This experience coupled with qualifications in HR and Business Turn around have stood me in great stead to support my clients.

My focus is to provide commercial finance solutions to clients nationally, irrespective of the company size or status. Over the years I have developed fantastic relationships with funders you may have heard of and many that you wouldn’t find and now have a significant network of lenders that know our strengths. My experience allows me to assist in straightforward funding requirements or provide guidance and solutions for the weird, the wonderful and every challenge in between.

Romany Dawson image

Romany Dawson

Head of Commercial
07971 436011

I’ve spent my career in operational roles for over 25 years exclusively within the SME and Owner Manager sector, and I understand the importance of getting the ‘foundations’ in place. I have overseen the development and delivery of office systems across a variety of sectors thereby ensuring the smooth running of businesses.

I’m passionate about an efficient and robust ‘back office’, which is in my opinion the very heartbeat of any successful operation. It may be the less glamorous side of a business, but without it running smoothly and efficiently, there may well be no business.

Leo Magee image

Leo Magee

Head of Property & Healthcare
07715 902929

I’ve had a successful 30 plus year career in Banking with Lloyds, ultimately holding the post of Commercial Director in Nottingham. Laterally I had overall responsibility for the management of the Medical Sector business in the East Midlands dealing with complex lending or tenders. However, unlike many “former bankers” I have also worked in industry as the Commercial Director for a domiciliary care business, so I understand the challenges that business owners face in day to day operations and throughout the growth cycles.

I have taken a role as a Partner to further develop the services and facilities we provide as we become The Regions ‘Bank Manager’, supporting our lending with my specialist experience in Property and Healthcare.

Alex Reynolds image

Alex Reynolds

Head of Accounts
07736 049545

My training and early years with a Global accountancy practice, provided a sound background and supported my chartered accountancy qualification. I managed a portfolio of audit and non-audit clients before being headhunted during a recession for a Finance Director position by a client in the construction industry.

Construction Industry in a recession… I understand the challenges better than most.

Now managing my own firm of chartered accountants my ‘real-world’ business experience really allows me to understand and support my growing portfolio of SME clients. I know how important it is to understand the bones of your business, not just the Accountancy compliance.

Sharon Foulkes image

Sharon Foulkes

Head of Sales Support
07803 412845

Having worked in the commercial banking sector for over 30 years as the head of sales support I understand the importance of high level customer service, accurate documentation and timely communication between all parties.

Within our organisation, I make sure our own efficiencies are maintained and that we deliver clear and concise support and communications internally and externally. I get to tell the Exec team what to do, and they have to listen.

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