Bringing professional services together to support your business

We help businesses achieve success by bringing together the professional services that are vital to any organisation.

Whether you need an accountant, a lawyer or back office support, we can help.

We will connect you with approachable and plain talking professionals who will give you the advice and guidance that you and your business needs.

Our Services

As a business owner or director there are vital professional services that you need to help you grow your business. These professional services are essential if you are to achieve the success you are aiming for.

Our highly experienced team understand the pressures and challenges that you face.  We want to take the headache out of these functions and allow you to focus on what you do and love best – doing business.

WLR will work closely with you to tailor support around your requirements. Whether it’s financial services, legal support, help with funding or assistance with your back office functions, we can help

We work to ensure that we provide a level of service that matches the necessities of your business.

WLR R&D Tax Credit Claims

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive to support companies that innovate to develop new processes, products or services or improve existing ones.

If you are taking a risk to make changes to your business, you could be entitled to claim R&D tax relief.

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WLR Back Office

Never has the phrase ‘playing to your strengths’ been more appropriate than when, as a business owner or director, you consider your business performance and the direction you want to go in strategically.

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WLR Accountant

All too often we hear clients bemoaning the fact that they, as SME directors and business owners, are sometimes “put off” discussing too much with their accountants as they appear to be practicing the “Dark Arts” and are therefore making their work seem almost ‘mystical’! Well, quite simply this is NOT the case. They work for you, not the other way around!…

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WLR Lawyer

You may have a view that you only need a lawyer if something goes wrong? Well, by then it’s too late! Strong and reputable legal support is vital to ensure directors and business owners make informed, structured decisions, and have the resource and template in the business from the start which then develops as they grow…

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WLR Bank Manager

In the ‘good old days’ you could phone your bank manager at any time and, not only would they know who you were and what your business was, but they would also have the autonomy to make decisions and offer support. Many people now suggest that not only is their Bank Manager “no longer there”, but neither are many of the facilities once available from your bank, and if they are today…. will they be there tomorrow?…

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